Where Will You Live If Your House is Destroyed, and How Much Will It Cost?
Where will you live? When a house is destroyed, the people who lived in it naturally think about the lost possessions. They think of lost furniture, clothes, photos, entertainment systems, and so on. And then the realization sets in: They have to find another place to live. Will it cost more to live there than they're used to paying?    read more

Has Your Car Been Recalled? What Consumers Need to Know
"The recall situation for the U.S. auto industry is a black eye," said Mike Jackson, president of nationwide car retailer AutoNation, Inc. "It's a dysfunctional nightmare that the industry should be ashamed of, and customers are right to be angry and confused."   read more

How Credit Scores Affect Auto Insurance Rates
It is mandatory to have auto insurance today. Although everyone knows that credit scores play a key role in determining loan eligibility, many people do not know that their credit scores affect auto insurance rates.   read more

The Scary Truth about Texting and Driving in America
Approximately 500,000 young Americans are injured as a result of distracted driving. The average text takes a person's eyes off the road for several seconds, which is enough time to swerve off the road or hit a car that is braking quickly.   read more

When you are Responsible for a Tree Falling into Neighbor's Yard
Trees beautify a property's landscape, provide shade, and they are good for the environment. However, they also present risks to the property owner and the neighbors. They can deteriorate or even die, and that can lead to problems.    read more

Why You May Need Valuable Items Insurance
For possessions that are more valuable, it is important to obtain valuable items coverage. Items such as original art, expensive jewelry and collectors' items are some examples of what this coverage is useful for.    read more

Are You Financially Prepared for an Age Discrimination Lawsuit?
You pride yourself on running an honest business. You're careful to comply as best you can with laws and regulations. You instruct staff to do the same. You strive to treat customers, employees and vendors fairly and with respect.   read more

IIHS Releases List of Safer Affordable Vehicles for Teens
Vehicle safety experts at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety say that many teens are not driving vehicles with the best safety technologies. To address the issue, they have made a list of their top recommendations.    read more

What Consumers Need to Know about their Community's Fire Protection Rating and Insurance
In an effort to help solidify premiums for fire insurance in commercial and residential properties, insurers must have accurate and current information about each community's services related to fire protection. There is a program for this purpose called the Public Protection Classification, which is offered by ISO.    read more

What Homeowners Need to Know to Safely Winterize their Homes
When winter months approach, it is time for homeowners to start securing their homes for protection against wind, snow, ice and all other harsh elements. The most common causes of damage to homes during the colder months are hail, rain and wind.   read more