Ways Employers Can Control Their Workers' Compensation Costs
The law requires most businesses to carry workers' compensation insurance. This protects employees and employers both, and it gives income to workers in the event they are injured badly enough they require time off of work to heal. For employers, workers' compensation liability insurance gives coverage for any lawsuits that may be filed due to work-related injuries.   read more

South Carolina Homes
George Johnson Insurance was featured on South Carolina Homes   read more

Proving Fault after a Car Accident
Determining fault following an auto accident involves deciding who was the negligent or careless party. In most cases, common sense dictates who was at fault. There is usually one person who clearly violated traffic regulations or failed to yield the right of way.    read more

The Top 15 Auto Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About
There are many extra expenses when it comes to owning a vehicle. Gas prices, maintenance and repair costs can put a major dent in the owner's wallet. In addition to this, insurance is an added expense but a necessary one that is required by law. Auto repair costs and gas costs can be minimized to a point, but they cannot be fully controlled. However, people can control how much they pay for insurance by being responsible and smart drivers.    read more

Understanding How Experience Rating Works
Many people wonder why it is necessary to use experience rating to predict future losses if workers' compensation rates are designed for this purpose. Experience rating can benefit employers.    read more

10 Ways Commercial Property Owners Can Protect Vacant Buildings
Vacant buildings are common products of a slow economy. Researchers said that recent statistics only show about a one percent decrease in vacant buildings in recent years. If buildings do not have any personal property or occupants in them, they are more likely to face several types of problems.    read more

Common Misconceptions about Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Lawsuits
Discrimination suits against businesses are extremely common in U.S. courtrooms. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there were nearly 94,000 discrimination complaints received in 2013 alone.   read more

Why Your Business Needs an Umbrella Liability Policy
Undoubtedly, you have worked extremely hard to build your business, and it represents your livelihood. Unfortunately, all it takes is one liability claim to put you out of business. You have surely heard the stories on a regular basis, and while the odds may be against such a thing happening in your business, not everyone is fortunate enough to play the odds and win. Here are examples of real-life cases that cost millions to settle:   read more

Safety, Insurance and Preparedness Tips for Hurricane Season
June through November is the hurricane season for most areas, and it usually comes with a peak at some point. In most cases, this is in August or September. While people who live in coastal areas face the greatest risks, it is important to remember that tropical storms can travel inland and cause a great deal of destruction with wind and flooding. Planning ahead and preparing is the key to avoiding huge expenses and dangers.   read more

Tips for Residential Pool and Spa Safety
It is helpful to implement as many steps as possible to stay safe in a residential swimming pool or hot tub. Most people who have a pool and young children already have some safety rules in place, but it never hurts to examine those and add a few more.    read more