How to Prevent Burglaries during Vacations
Before taking off on vacation, it is important for homeowners to make sure they will not return to an empty or ransacked home. Experts recommend several tips for avoiding burglaries while on vacation.   read more

Who is Liable When a Tree Falls on a Neighbor's Property?
Many people have one or more types of trees on their property. Trees provide shade and complement landscaping nicely, but they can also cause major disputes when they fall over. A tree may fall over if it is not properly maintained and diseased, or it may fall over during a storm. When a tree falls over onto a neighbor's property, a homeowner is often left to wonder if he or she is liable. Most people assume that they are liable since it is their tree. However, this is not always true.   read more

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes During the Winter
Every winter, about 250,000 people find themselves with messes from pipes that freeze and burst. In addition to erupting and filling a room with water, a burst pipe can also cost a person thousands of dollars in damages.   read more

What Is a Workers Compensation Rating and Why Does It Matter?
Most business owners and executives understand the value of workers compensation insurance not just to protect the worker, but to protect the company as well. Fewer, however, are aware of the mechanics of how premiums are arrived at, and how their own company's safety track record figures into their rating. Understanding the process, however, may well enable you to qualify for lower premiums down the road, saving your business money and making you more competitive.   read more

Jury Awards Terminated Employee with a $6.2 Million Judgment
When employees must be fired or laid off, there is always a chance they will try to file a lawsuit. For employers, the problem is that they are always the responsible parties for dealing with any allegations. In the following case, employers thought they were terminating a worker for not appearing on the job, but the jury decided otherwise.   read more

What Party Hosts Should Know about Serving Alcohol
A person's role as a responsible party host can keep friends and family protected. Social responsibility is a term that includes everything from planning to overseeing the party.   read more

Questionable Workers Compensation Claims are on the Rise
Researchers analyzed past workers' compensation claims that were considered questionable by referrals, and the reports were submitted over the span of about six months.   read more

How To Determine Whether Workers Are Employees Or Independent Contractors
The United States Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service have combined their efforts to help various states share resources and information that will expose worker classification violations.    read more

What Every Employer Needs to Know About Workers Compensation
Employers must buy insurance to cover workers' compensation claims. This type of insurance provides funding for injured employees, and employers also receive protection from lawsuits stemming from a worker's injuries.   read more

AS Hurricane Seasons Worsen in Severity, the Need for Preparedness Increases
The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration updates its outlook for Atlantic hurricane season every year. In recent years, hurricane season has brought more powerful storms, and experts predict the strength and frequency of hurricanes in future seasons to worsen even more.   read more