Personal Umbrella Protection

A personal umbrella policy, protects against a loss due to catastrophic lawsuits. It offers additional protection above and beyond your standard homeowners and auto policy limits and helps eliminate any gaps in your liability coverage. A personal umbrella policy protects you, your spouse and all other relatives living in your household for up to $1 million. With Personal Umbrella, you are safeguarding your possessions, your savings, and your future earnings. Personal Umbrella includes:

  • Protection over and above your basic liability policies for homeowners, automobile, boat owners, renters, or motor homes.
  • Personal injury coverage – you will be protected if suits are brought against you for libel, slander, humiliation, false arrest, false imprisonment, defamation of character, wrongful eviction, wrongful detention, malicious prosecution or invasion of privacy.
  • Any additional defense costs not covered under your other liability policies.

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